“Carla Laureano’s versatile skillset will take you to the next level in your writing career. A cutting-edge professional, her valuable insight will propel you past your obstacles. Carla has the ability to make the overwhelming things about the writing life seem achievable.”

Brandy Vallance, award-winning author of The Covered Deep and Within the Veil

“As a writer new to fiction, Carla’s manuscript evaluation helped me tremendously… she took the time to not just tell me but teach me, and she coached me through possible solutions. She’s thorough, honest, and overdelivers. I couldn’t recommend her services enough.”

Johanna Vann, aspiring author

“Carla is a master of story structure and knows exactly how to explain it in a way writers can understand. I highly recommend her mentorship for aspiring writers determined to take their writing to the next level.”

Jen Turano, USA Today Bestselling Author

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